„Now you can say the words „Made in Russia“ proudly.
We do, at least!“

Ekaterina, Founder of „LIKE KATE“

„LIKE KATE“ is a young creative apparel brand that has already stolen the hearts of Moscow fashionistas.

The secret of its success lies in combining simplicity and elegance in both evening and everyday designs.

Following in the footsteps of the iconic Coco Chanel, Ekaterina uses high-quality knit fabric. Paired with stylish designs, this fabric is perfect to accentuate and play up your best features and disguise imperfections.

By constantly getting feedback from her customers, the aspiring designer puts their ideas and suggestions into life in her new collections.

This is how she crafts sexy yet low-key off-the-shoulder and backless dresses, loose cardigans and sweatshirts, conservative and feminine or frivolous suits, and cozy robe coats.

Bodies have become hit products of „LIKE KATE“!

Available in two colors, beige and black, our bodysuit is a basic piece in any woman’s wardrobe. As one of the „LIKE KATE“ customers said, „A bodysuit is like a little black dress. It’s a must for every girl!“

If you like to look gorgeous but prefer to spend your money wisely, why pay extra for outdated clothes by foreign brands while chic minimalism is trending?

At „LIKE KATE“, we update our collection every week.

Our newest designs feature the best fashion trends adapted to the Russian girl aiming to accentuate her unique personality.

With our facilities located in Russia, we can be in constant touch with our clients and sell our designs at reasonable prices.

High-quality does not mean costly!